About Us

The Ashphil team came into existence by the ‘coming together’ of a group of talent pool in which a few of them hold patents in the field of refining and catalysis. Team Ashphil has together over decades of refining experience in the areas of Process technology, Quality assurance & Management, Energy optimization & Loss Prevention, Inspection & Maintenance and Corrosion abatement, Project conceptualization from start to finish, Data crunching, IOT, Molecular management, Bench-marking and Pace Setter operations, Process Safety Management, Waste water and solids waste treatment, as well as "Mentoring and Hands on Coaching".

Team Ashphil can provide sound engineering inputs and project execution methods thereby making it a unique ‘single window’ shopping experiences to customers.

Message from our C E O

We at Ashphil, firmly believe that the art of consulting is not about simply offering a solution to a given problem or issue but it is more about engaging the customer/stakeholder and arriving at a 'niche and lasting solution' along with the 'learning & owning' that undergo concurrently. The result is we end up with multiple options mostly 'out of the box' approaches by working in tandem with the client's team. In short. Ashphil does not claim to be the ‘know all’ in refining…. yet certainly…. know a bit more of crude oil constituents and its latent wealth… while refining….